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Dedication: Al-Mu’allim Shaikh Husain Ash-Shadhili Ad-Darqawi


Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Al Mu'allim Shaikh Husain Ash-Shadhili Ad-Darqawi.sketch

Shaikh Husain

“O Allah, grant me to love You, to love those who love You and to love whatever brings me nearer to Your love. Make Your love more precious to me than cool water to the thirsty.”

A prayer taught by The Prophet (saw) to his companions.

Shaikh Husain Ash-Shadhili Ad-Darqawi

This journey is dedicated to our beloved guide and teacher (mu’allim), one of the blessed keepers of Islam’s secret garden.

By his total dedication and surrender to Allah, Most High, and with His permission, Shaikh Husain is a sacred ‘alim of the heart as well as scholar of the the Arabic language, and the Islamic sciences of tafsir (exegesis of Qur’an) and hadith (prophetic tradition).

By Allah’s mercy, we recognize our chosen master and shaykh as a lamp of guidance in the modern ummah and a worthy reviver of the Divine Path of Truth: the way of life (din) of Islam.

Learn to apply, not to justify. – Shaikh Husain

May Allah continue to bless us with this rare opportunity: to keep company with His noble servant; to sit and dine with him and to learn from his humble yet lofty example in both word and action. May we allow ourselves to be inspired by him to improve ourselves and to prioritize and aim for the enduring. Though our time is rife with superficial delights and distracting pursuits, we have found a genuine friend.

Through this rightly-guided friend of His, Allah has given us hope and a blissful heart. May we never lose sight of our True Goal. In every sincere effort we put forth, in every thoughtful decision we make, in every guarded utterance we allow from our lips, we are grateful and not forgetful of His Compassion and His Promise:

He will lead us to the spiritual sincerity, Divine Love and illumination that are our natural birthright.

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