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Islam Image Quotes: Spiritual Excellences

bismillahir-rahmanir-rahimFrom the Islam Image Quotes series: Islamic Wisdom, Sayings and Quotes

Rest assured that abstract knowledge cannot be held with the hand. For example, a man is in the wilderness. He has ten lethal swords together with other weapons and he is brave and bellicose. A huge and ferocious lion attacks him. Now what is your opinion? Do you think that his weapons will ward off the danger without him using them and putting them into action? Of course the weapons cannot ward off the danger without being wielded and put into motion. Similarly, if a person reads and learns a hundred masaa’il (questions) but does not practically apply them, the masaa’il will not benefit him.

Their benefit is in applying them practically.

~Priceless Nasihat of Imam Al-Ghazali

Do not be bankrupt in deeds and empty of its seeds: spiritual excellences.


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