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Taking Meaning: Distilling the Essence

Taking meaning is about what we do daily, living Islam from the heart – the secret garden – where we gather petals of knowledge, distilling them into rare and essential lessons. Like precious rose oil, extracted from thousands of fragrant petals, these lessons are rich in the natural, raw materials that add depth and authenticity to our lives. When applied, they mingle with us: an exquisite sweetness worn close to the skin that pleases the Beloved.

Taking Meaning-Distilling the Essence

We are here together, distillers; taking meaning, in love with beautiful fragrance; the silent way it wafts its presence, longing to be captured by someone present; enjoyed. Among friends – those who have gone before – taking meaning is lightened: their knowledge is with the garden’s Owner and He is with them. With them, it is like the Holy Prophet (saw) said: “There is a light in the heart which is illuminated only by following the truth and intending towards the right path; it is a part of the light of the prophets which has been entrusted in the hearts of the believers.”

Sometimes growing in dry and rough land, there are many types of roses. At Taking Meaning you are invited to share your journey extraordinaire; to scatter your personal, collected petals of knowledge, in all their various colors and shapes and to spread the sweetness of their scent with all who are present to enjoy.

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