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Behind everything there is a secret.secret-of-islam

We all see it first: Islam’s fortress wall that is the Law (shari’ah). But behind the Law lies a secret garden, alive and dancing with the intimacy of life. Like all secrets, it must be whispered by those who know into the hearts of those who long to know.

Living Islam at its outer stronghold, one learns the Law and feels its strength looming, casting its shadow of safety on those near; protecting.

But from this stony border, the inner garden remains hidden; a sanctuary known only to its sacred keepers: they hold the key to its gate and befriending them, we too, may enter.

Whispered by those who know into the hearts of those who long to know.

Once inside, we find the protected path of true discovery. By the Light of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), we may travel to distant corners and inner secrets.

Noble keepers guide us: they have been there. They know the way. They take us by the hand and lead us to fragrant blooms so that we may nourish our soul’s possibility.

Alive and dancing with the intimacy of life

By Allah, we may arrive at essence and imbibe its sweet nectar! Ahhhh! Here we enjoy the garden and its encompassing wall.

If you keep to the wall, alone, the coolness of solid, gray and stone will shade you from heat and provide safety from harsher elements. But if you want to know the secret of Islam, fly with the birds of reason, sway with the trees of knowledge: you must come inside.

Come inside! Come inside! Come inside!
Mercy and sweet abundance among the Friends, the Garden of Ridwan in our presence.
~From Shaykh Al-‘Alawiy’s The Garden of Delight