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Everlasting Companions: Remember the Grave

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Everlasting Companions

After the tumble, after the fall, even, she remembers the grave. Lying bare in the dust, motionless, she knows pure, cold loneliness like even she, Ms. Lonely herself, never knew before: separation from all that is familiar; known. Her only companions now are those whom she sent before: every utterance in Remembrance, every intention of purity, every act of goodness: the greater the struggle, the greater the reward…these will be hers forever…

the greater the struggle, the greater the reward

She brushes the dust from her hair and lifts herself once more, reminding herself why she is here. “No Wallowing Allowed,” she admonishes. I will never forget that this is the realm of action, insha4JJl (God willing). In all her sincerity, she begs her Lord for the resolve and determination to continue…her actions will ascend, one day, her everlasting companions.

With hope in herself and faith in His promise, she raises the corner of her mouth into a smile. “Hmmm,” she sighs, “I think I will change my name…”

Living Islam, remembering the grave, as the Prophet (saw) taught us to do often and God’s (Allah’s) promise of everlasting companions have inspired Ms. Lonely to change her name. If you have ever been inspired, or would be inspired to change your name, what would you change it to, and why?


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