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Rights: I Owe YoU?

Rights: I Owe yoU?



Rights: Do I Owe You or Do You Owe Me?

One thing I’ve noticed: many of the young people who grew up living Islam close to the shaikh seem wise beyond their years.

One afternoon, on the way to the gypsy wagon, I encountered Hayder-a young man who later studied, somewhere in Africa, to become a hafiz- reading a book about the rights of the muslimah. Being a newbie to Islam, this struck me as odd; since, who reads about women’s rights other than women (with the sole intent of knowing their rights so they can demand them)? It wasn’t until much later that this made sense: part of nobility of character lies in forgoing what is due to you- with understanding. I demand of myself what I owe to another rather than demanding from another what is owed to me.

That young man, Haydar, he knew.

Do what is right, fulfill other’s rights. Forgo your rights, though you’re in the right. –Shaikh Husain

Who have you known who has shown wisdom beyond their years, living close to someone who has devoted their lives to the Truth?

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