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Waxing Lyrical: A Sister’s Story

Waxing Lyrical: A Sister’s Story

Waxing Lyrical - A Sister's Storybasmallah_75

Have you ever wondered, when separated, which holds more truth: absence makes the heart grow fonder or out of sight, out of mind? The Prophet (saw) taught that maintaining our connection with family is part of noble behavior and of utmost importance. With an outstretched heart, here is a sister’s story of one attempt at rekindling family ties:

We have both traveled various, colorful roads,

Although a mystery to the other,

To the here and now of our lives.

Days, months, even years have passed in separateness.

But as brother and sister we are tied;

We held hands long ago, released them and now we run,


Hand in hand a mere memory;

Our hearts are connected.

Not like others: the same blood passes through,

With each heartbeat, past, present and future.

We will always be we: you and me,

Brother and sister.

Our promise runs deep.


The mind may ask: “Why now?”

But the eye of the heart sees sharper:

It pierces through the intellect to the unseen bond that only shared flesh can bear.

“Let go!” the heart cries out, to the criticizing mind,

“Embrace the real; the promise!”

As it gently coerces those cynical thoughts

Into acknowledgement of the union,

You are mine and I am yours.

It will always be that way no matter how neglectful the tongue.

The heart knows no distance, neither time nor space.

It reaches through years and miles to the other,

The one it has always known and never forgotten.

It longs for the tie both inward and outward,

A deep sigh

In hope

That the mind can be convinced.


What about your separation story? Did the heart grow fonder or was it out of mind for you? Please share how you faced your challenge of reconnection in the comments.

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