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On Becoming A Student: Who Truly Knows?

On Becoming a Student: Who Truly Knows?

How do I find someone to learn from; who truly knows Islam in its depth?


He who truly knows is the one in whom sound actions, pure supplications, truthfulness and precaution speak out; not his tongue, his debates, his comparisons, assertions or claims. ~Ja’afar As-Sadiq (ra)

When we want to learn something, we search and search until we find someone who has “been there – done that”. It’s like scouring the forums and blogs for real users, real experiences of using vs. going to the “official” site where eye-catching photos, polished script and flashy transitions praise and publicize, vying for our capture and loyalty.

When we want to learn Islam, the way of  The Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the way of Allah, it is no different. We search for one who has put into practice what is taught. Anything else may just be another glossy advert, and when the “goods” are brought home they are nothing like those images and empty promises. We are often filled with either confusion or disappointment: it is just not the real deal.

True knowledge of Islam is more than just a mere show of words.

In the words of one of our teachers: “Turn off the volume and look at the actions.” Because it is in those real life transactions that the reality of the one who truly knows becomes apparent.

May Allah guide us to such a friend of His, that we may benefit from him or her, and increase our longing for what is real and everlasting.
Is there someone who has inspired you; helped you deepen your Islam? How did you meet? Please share your story in the comments below.

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