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10 Hacks: Keep Living Islam Light and Effective in the Modern Times OS


basmala-simple-old-backgroundHave you ever wondered if your Living Islam in the Modern Times Operating System was running as efficiently as it should? Have you ever wished that you could enhance your user experience while remaining compliant with the Universal OS Author/Designer’s authentic standard? Have you ever felt confused by the often conflicting information and advice provided by modern technicians and specialists?

You are not alone…

Even the most experienced users face constant challenges while maintaining, upgrading and improving their Living Islam (LI) in the complex Modern Times Operating System (MT OS – pronounced “Empty Oz”) of today.

Since the standard LI user interface (UI), due to its depth, is often a source of perplexity for many users, here are 10 powerful hacks to help you keep your LI running light, effective and up-to-date, and provide you with the smoothest, most enjoyable user experience (UE) possible:

1-Find and utilize an authentic Living Teacher (LT).

The most critical hack in keeping your LI running light, effective and up-to-date is finding an authentic Living Teacher (LT) and making use of his knowledge and skills. Refining your search and seeking remote assistance is helpful in gaining access to and connecting with an LT.

Once established, connection with a reliable LT provides the user with the opportunity to learn the essentials of LI, to discover the hidden defects of the Heart Drive and to be guided to the states of user perfection. A genuine LT is accredited with the OS designer, author of HQ: (Holy Qur’an: Essential Manual for Living) and has been selected by Him. Through his linkage to the Original Power Source, the LT helps establish the user’s connection.

The LT has been successfully running LI in the MT OS for a matter of time and has devoted his life to the study and understanding of LI through spiritual, mental and physical platforms. He is well-versed in LI+MT=LIMITs and TiPS (time, place and situation) operation, specializes in HQ and PT (prophetic tradition) comprehension and runs the application of Divine Law (shari’ah) quite seamlessly. His services are provided in compliance with the Designer’s standards, free-of-charge for an unlimited period of time. Note: the cost of system integration, however, is YOUR LIFE.

Once you are connected with an LT, he will assist you in upgrading and optimizing your LI in the MT OS in all environments. The LT’s experience and wisdom will also aid you in streamlining your OS so that it runs with minimum resistance as well as maximum efficiency.

The genuine LT:

  • offers initial training on LIMITs (LI+MT) with TiPS (see above).
  • provides CFOB (constant feedback on behavior).
  • transmits to the user what he has, himself, already attained.
  • maintains a curriculum of continuing education.
  • understands HQ and PT code (Classical Arabic Language).
  • makes all relevant experiences and examples available to download and copy.
  • strives to move the user gradually, according to his individual pace, to a place where he is able to read his ‘Heart Drive’ on his own.


2-Integrate AD-Oppose PLUS permanently into OS.

Keep your LI running lean and clean by integrating AD-Oppose PLUS permanently into your operating system. Your LT will help you install Ad-Oppose Plus successfully and teach you The Ways of Whitelisting: Identifying the Covert Ways through which Duniawi (Worldly) Advertising Diverts and Damages your LI. The Ways of Whitelisting also guides the user in subtle and beneficial akhirat (Hereafter) advertisement recognition.

3-Install powerful SSSS and scan regularly.

Your LT will help you choose and install compatible SSSS (Self-Scrutiny Security Software). In His HQ: Essential Manual for Living, the OS Designer emphasizes the importance of this security tool and there are many PTs (prophetic traditions) detailing

Powerful Self-Scrutiny Security Software is the key to viral-free Living Islam and user progress.

the effectiveness of SSSS as well. Detected threats should be submitted to your LT for analysis. For maximum protection against lower-self infiltrations, be sure to activate:

  • Social media scanner
  • Frequent database updates
  • Scheduled tasks
  • System Rescue

Powerful SSSS is the key to viral-free LI and user progress.


4-Set Network Profile to PRIVATE.

Select private network for sharing and carefully choose your media-streaming options. For the most favorable UE (user experience), it is important that you limit access to your LI. Consult with your LT about selecting appropriate filters and submit all complaints to the Designer. These practices are outlined in both HQ and PT and are supported by the Author.

5-Set User Account Control Settings to Always Notify.

Running LI in the MT OS requires that you maintain the most secure settings available so that you will always be notified before a potentially unwanted program or your self attempts to make changes to your Heart Drive. Due to the subtlety of infiltrations, the experience and wisdom of your LT will prove invaluable in “tweaking” your program recognition software to perform basic as well as more advanced tasks on a regular basis.

6-Appearance and Personalization: Set Preferences to “Default HQ and PT”.

Ask your LT for assistance in personalizing your appearance with citations from the authentic materials HQ and PT.

Note: repeated, hard resets are often required in order to maintain this preference as your default setting so do not be alarmed if you notice settings spontaneously reverting to previous, less-desirable settings in the Appearance and Personalization section of your user interface (UI). This is normal.

7-Defragment C Drive (Cerebral Drive) often.

Frequent defrags using your built-in Remembrance Tool (dhikr) will prevent random accessing of out-dated or corrupted files on your Cerebral Drive and at the same time free-up valuable space on your Heart Drive. The Remembrance Tool will significantly boost your LI’s performance and enhance user experience (UE) and has a multitude of options to choose from. Although confounding to the user, the various Remembrance Tool options can be selected and personalized without difficulty by your LT in order to optimize your individual OS. The qualified LT is aware that not every option in the Remembrance Tool is universally compatible with every user and/or OS.

8-Tutorials: HQ code (Classical Arabic Language) and QR (Qur’anic Recitation).

All users running LI in the MT OS are required by the Universal OS Designer to run the study of Classical Arabic Language (HQ code) and Quran’ic Recitation (QR).

Learning HQ code and QR will prepare you for direct access to the programming language of LI source materials. To maximize the benefits of tutorials, your LT will help you set up long-term IDP (implemented daily protocol). Research has shown that users running LI have smoother browsing and roaming experiences once the HQ code and QR tutorials have been upgraded with IDP technology.

9-Remove unwanted, pre-installed Habitware intended to damage or disable your LI.

Use the LI Decrapifier Tool. The LI Decrapifier Tool will assist the user in giving up attachments and has a powerful and effective new feature that allows you to create an auto-remove list which, once initialized, prioritizes and removes selected files with subsequent scans. Note: Initially, you will be required to manually scan both Cerebral and Heart drives and select files that you want deleted. Your LT will aid you in the manual selection process; however, removal and permanent deletion of files are

Get “Annihilated to All Your Choices” by running Enjoy Now.


10-Install Gratifix software and get Gratifix Appreciation.

Gratifix gratitude-streaming software enables connected users to instantly appreciate content. Although software and functionality may vary among users, Gratifix’s high resolution “Enjoy Now” service provides unlimited access to both gratitude and appreciation as well as admittance to the topmost-quality content library. Popular titles include:

Knowing the Source

The Wellspring of Bliss

The Excellence of Trust in What You Have Not Been Given

Thanksgiving Every Instant

How to Be Present to Get the Present

Gratitude: The Key to Unlocking Fulfillment

Start Working with it Now!

Appreciation is Application

A Ray of the Light

The Grateful Bondsman

Contentment: What You Love and What You Hate

Annihilated to All Your Choices

The Reality of Causes

The Art of Detachment

The Path to Enjoyment through Applied Learning

Servitude: At the Master’s Feet

Joy of the Heart

Once applied, these ten, powerful hacks will help you keep your Living Islam in the Modern Times Operating System running light and effective and create the user experience you always hoped for.

Be aware that, with sincere and consistent application of a genuine LT’s wisdom, training, example and guidance combined with the Author-Designer’s permission, there may come a time when the user no longer needs an LT as he would then be plugged directly into the Original Power Source…

If a user thinks that he needs a Living Teacher for the life of his OS, then he has mistakenly limited the true extent of user potential and Divine Mercy and Generosity. If a user thinks that he does not need an LT at all, then he is arrogant and conceited and will continue to live under the infiltration of his lower self for the life of his MT OS (“Empty Oz”).

All consequences to the user will continue to be experienced long after that…

Apply NOW to keep your Living Islam in the Modern Times Operating System running light and effective.

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