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Islam: Change The World

Islam: Change the World


Change the world?

Sometimes looking around, witnessing the pain, the horror, I wish I could transform the world, have an impact, touch hearts.

The Prophet (saw) teaches that Islam is up close and personal. What faces me is for me to know, for me to act. Whoever I touch will be touched. Islam is not screaming or shouting. It is whispering hearts, acting limbs, smiling faces and extending hands. With every hand taken, the circle widens: family, neighbors, friends, nations…

A solo sung from the heart will summon like minds and souls to join the music, to join the dance. As the music of Islam grows ever stronger, the world hears and is touched.

 Change the World


Life played from the heartchildren-B&W


Music from limbs:

Action, the best of melodies

Singing His praises


Just one note strummed


Beckoning to all who listen,

Longing to know life’s song

Near or far

Returned, in harmony

Instruments join

Hearts touching souls

At last,

A symphony

Transforms the world,



Don’t under-estimate the power of a single note. Don’t ever think that a tiny melody, played with knowledge, cannot make the whole world sing.


What music have you played or heard lately, that has touched another’s heart?

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