Love Manifest: The Fireworks of Duality

By Shaikh Husain Ash-Shadili Ad-Darqawi

Shaikh Husain’s original poem was written in Bahasa Indonesia. If you would like to view it, you can find it here.

From His manifested love,

A display of duality,


Two flames:

Subjugation (qahar) and subtlety (latif):

Constantly radiating,

And We have created everything in pairs.

From His creative power,

Illuminations of two,

Night and day,

Subdued and subtle.

Yet…The night does not precede the day.


With both eyes see One. Do not perceive two, with one eye.

From Him


Darkness and light,

Two flames:

Yet…When light appears, where does the darkness go?

From the power of His might,


Anger and mercy,

Polar fireworks.

Yet…My Mercy has come before My anger.

From the One,

Love Manifest,

Difficulty and ease.


He desires for you ease and not difficulty.


With both eyes see One.

Do not perceive two,

With one eye,

Like the accursed Iblis,




From one eye,


From the True Beloved, exalted is He.


From the two eyes of the lovers,

Separation is not,

But increase in nearness,

Not distance from Him.

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